The Oven Mitt Edition

Oven_mitt_1As in: Approaches the hot stove with extreme care.

Rumors are fun and all, but I just can’t get that excited until we’ve actually got some deals in place. Word is we aren’t as close to signing Glavine as it seemed, which is a shame.

But until we’ve got some actual news to gab about, I can’t help but post these adorable pics of our boys David Wright, Jose Reyes, and John Maine (who looks mighty handsome in his spiffy suit!) meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe–and giving him a prized Mets jersey!

After this meeting, David knocked out a 2-run homer…as we can see, with facial hair intact. So that’s one check for scruff. 


Check out the full story, with some great quotes, here. (Thanks to Hot Foot for the heads-up.)

Also, in blog "heard it from who heard it from" news, make sure to click Hot Foot’s link to some hilarious (and in some cases, very politically incorrect, be forewarned) photoshopped Jose pics.






    Hey do you have a youtube or afile from the show today?
    Couldn’t go see it 😦

    How did you do?


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