Mets Weekly on SNY

Rumor has it that the bloggeriffic final Mets Weekly will air Nov. 4th, 11:30 AM. I did my interview today, and I was more nervous than I thought I would be. But I tried to throw out some funnies, express my love for our team, and rock out some Mets quotes like only my crazy photographic memory can. Watch out for the expressive girl with the highlighted curls who gestures a lot.

Picture_0111_3Also, look out for 2 other adorable bloggers, Mets Grrl and Anthony from Hot Foot! (Anthony’s on the left at the beginning of my last post.)

After cameraman Max adjusted the camera to suit my height, I asked him "Is that the lowest you’ve ever had to make the camera?" His hilarious response? "Oh, no! We shoot a lot of kids."

Lordy I hope I don’t make a fool of myself on SNY!





    Remember, hon: no matter how much you think you moved your head, you could NOT move it more than Tim Teufel.

    Seriously, you will be awesome!

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