Vote for Mustache! And…Zoë’s not gone yet.

Picture_0101_2First of all, I admit I’ve been surprised–very pleasantly so!–at how many Mets bloggers and blog readers have seen fit to include me and my quirky Metsies blog in their wide-spanning Mets experience. Like Hot Foot, for example (at left) and Mets Blog’s Matt (at right). Thanks to ALL! Bloggers and readers alike. Y’all rock!

Picture_0191_10I *really* didn’t expect that Matt would refer me to SNY to appear on Mets Weekly. Which he did. Just the other day. My first reaction? Ooh! Mets Weekly! Now I’m a real fan. (There’s no place like Shea. There’s no place like Shea.) My inner monologue seconds later? "Oh ****. I hate video cameras sooooo much." Reasons why? 1) High school insecurities return: I look so shiny! Where’d that double chin come from! Any girl will feel me on this, I know. 2) I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. This has actually helped me out in readings for Pick Me Up because it allows me to be self-deprecating and funny. But for TV? When you’re supposed to be speaking as an amateur expert (hee, oxymoron)? I don’t know, honestly, how I’ll come across. But then, I could never take myself too seriously anyway. 3) Um…so, when I emailed the SNY contact? She responded: "I think you know my colleague, Max." Oh, you mean Max who I drunkenly kissed on the cheek as a gesture of goodwill toward SNY? Someone who might not realize that I am naturally a friendly cheek kisser?

David_and_zoe_copy_5(By the way: I can’t tell you how many image searches for one particular image bring people to this site. Friendly cheek kiss! As in, I love our boy, but do not need to be called "Mrs. Wright.")

Anyhoo. I’m being filmed for SNY tomorrow afternoon. I’d expect embarrassing stories afterwards if I were you. And watch out for the final (aw shux) Mets Weekly! (Mets Grrl will be interviewed too. She of the eloquent and great on camera variety.)

Picture_0331_3SECONDLY (and more importantly), reader Peggy alerted me to the fact that MUSTACHE NEEDS US!! As in, We need to make Jose Valentin the Look Again Player of the Year!! BECAUSE DAVID ECKSTEIN IS WINNING BY A LOT! AND THAT IS SO NOT RIGHT!!

So, vote, my friends. Vote hard. And often. And spread the word.






    Okay, but Max is a doll. When SNY interviewed me at Shea, the sisters who sit next to me were agog, and trying to angle for his phone #.


    **Proudly wearing a sticker that says: “I voted, did you?”**

    Congrats girls! You will be fine!! 🙂

    Let me know when this comes out ’cause I don’t have SNY I’m going to transport myself to my Yankee-loving friend’s house and watch me some Mets LOL



    It’s the bare shoulders in that pic, Z. That’s what does it.

    Desiree, it could be this saturday, it could be next saturday. Or, we could both have ****** and not been used, depending on who you ask. 🙂

  4. Zoe

    Ahh, my hair is obscuring my shirt straps, which I never noticed! In the original photo, I’m kissing a figurine of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As far as I know, he doesn’t play baseball. 🙂

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