The “We love you as a player AND as a man” Award.

Delgado_awardNo one deserves the Roberto Clemente Award more than my (close) 2nd favorite Met, Carlos Delgado. If you missed my buddy Mark Newman’s moving article about it, click here!

"Outstanding sportsmanship, community involvement and contribution to his team?" Delgado just might deserve this award every year.

Not to mention that our man makes this appearance while recovering from surgery! Carlos Delgado is the perfect example of smiling through the pain.

Picture_0581_3I love that our Carlos won this award for so many reasons, top among them: He is perhas the truest leader in the Mets clubhouse and in the dugout–and a font of notebook knowledge on every pitcher. He gives a brilliant smile and hug when a guy needs it, and man, can our Carlos hit. AND field. AND give superb interviews. AND do his all to help disadvantaged kids. AND make us all love him.

But best of all? He’s being honored in the name of his childhood hero–the man Delgado honors on the back of his uniform every day.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.




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