D-Wright grooming advice from Zoe

Nlcs_david_facial_hairDo I think we’re gonna do it tonight? Hellz yeah I think we’re gonna do it tonight. But just to add my wee bit o’ help: David Wright, I love ya. And I do think that the scruffy look suits you aesthetically in terms of lady appeal. BUT. As longtime readers will know…methinks you hit better clean-shaven.

Why is this? Perhaps some of the strength from your arms and legs has been rerouted toward your facial hair follicles? Perhaps the tips of your scruff absorb water that should be hydrating you? Perhaps the added bit of "bad boy" repels some of that down home Virginia boy aura that’s worked so well for you before?

Whatever it is, D-Wright–we all know what you can do. Just maybe let a razor help out. Then you can do my favorite David Wright Clean Shaven Dance of Joy:


Finally, a big shout out to William Radie, who has sent his 3 favorite Mets bloggers personalized logos for luck. I may just have to figure out how to make an iron-on patch out of this because of its rockingness. Thanks Bill!

Zoe_mets_1Now Let’s Go Mets! Like you’ve never gone before! Or as Gary Cohen Who Thinks I’m Crazy would say: Go ’til IT’S OUTTA HERE!





  1. maurine7@aol.com

    We don’t care Mark. : )

    I love that baseball graphic Zoe.

    I also noticed Tommy’s facial hair when the camera got up close and personal.

    Maybe the Mets left their razors in NY or didn’t have time to shave or just wanted to give Zoe something to blog about.

  2. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    See? I told you the clean shaven was good. The HR he got: SHAVED! It doesn’t work when he’s all dirty looking LOL

    Beleiving on this side of the US

    **You Gotta Beleive Fairy Dust**


  3. Zoe

    He got a GRAND SLAM shaved. Let’s hope the Schicks come out at night.

    And I’m sure Mark’s facial hair will only work in our team’s favor. He’s grown it giving us great coverage. I’ll hope for more Mets pics and vids to compete with his Cards!

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