What readers are saying!

Cover_small_1Ack–let’s hope I don’t jinx anything, but so far, I’m thrilled to say Pick Me Up has gotten none of the Steve Trachsel treatment. By which I mean that reviews have been great!

If you’re a guy, I hope you’ll take a look and get a gift for any lucky lady in your life. (Or, like the guys who’ve read the book, you may be surprised to find you love it too.) And if you’re a gal? I truly think you’ll love this novel as much as I do!

Bestselling author Sophie Kinsella (of the famous Shopaholic series) calls my novel "Clever, witty, and fun!"

From FreshFiction.com:

"PICK ME UP is chick-lit at its finest, and this compliment is from someone who really isn’t into "chick-lit." Zoe Rice has created superb and colorful characters, placed them in (mostly) believable situations, and gives them a lot of zippy dialogue to speak. Some scenes are hold- your-sides-laughing funny, and there some very poignant incidents. By and large, though, PICK ME UP is a real "pick-me-up" for summertime — or anytime — reading."

From Trashionista.com:

"I really enjoyed this book. Izzy’s a charming, down-to-earth character and the supporting cast – particularly Izzy’s gallery colleague, Kimmy (who I hope gets her own book one day) – are great fun too….There are laugh-out-loud moments and an enormously romantic ending. You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Yeah. Pick it up. "

From Romancereaderatheart.com:

"Aptly named, PICK ME UP will do just that for you—it’s funny, it’s witty, it’s just downright uplifting. Full of engaging characters and zippy dialogue, it’s one of those books that no matter how many times you may have to start and stop it (office interruptions, you know), and no matter how long in between your reading sessions, you’ll remember exactly where you’ve left off last. The writing and characters are just memorable. Zoë Rice has done a great job with her debut book, and this from a reviewer that’s not that fond of chick lit….Bottom line? PICK ME UP is just a fun, feel good book that’s perfect no matter where or how you read it, and you don’t have to know a Picasso from a Monet to understand it. Simply read it and enjoy the pick me up that PICK ME UP will give you."

And this isn’t even counting all the great reader comments I’ve gotten on MySpace or by email.

So thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to write such lovely reviews! And if you’ve got a loved one, girlfriend, Mom, sister, daughter (15 or over, I’d say), then this is the book for her. Or if that’s you? I hope you’ll email me too with your thoughts on the novel!

When the Mlblogs guru invited me to blog with MLB.com, he envisioned this space as a place for both updates on my novel and "occasional" blogging on the Mets. Hee. I think I surprised him with my interest in Mets blogging, but it’s the novels that pay my bills–and offer great fulfillment from making people laugh, smile, enjoy an escape…whatever you want to call it, trust me. Pick Me Up is just plain fun.





  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I truly recommend it. I have to confess this was my first chic-lit book. At first I was a little aprehensive about the genre but I loved it! It is beleivable and funny. Izzy is a character you can relate to. There is nothing wrong with being an intelligent woman who every know and then screws up and endures those awful guilt trips.

    And of course Z is a witty funny writer who kept me hooked!! Thanks for the laughs chica!!

    By the way I am a fellow aquarian 😉

    P.S. I will do the review in amazon… I promise!



  2. kayleexxx@aol.com

    you cant wait……neither can I glavine give us the win and offense step up for glavine GO METS!

  3. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Aww no problem girl. I truly loved it! Now I’m looking into other chic lit authors (that have high expectations to fulfill) ’cause you don’t have another book!!! When’s the next one coming? LOL

    I have a thing that if I start reading someones work, I must read everything in their collection. So hurry up girl!!! 🙂

    **here watching the game**


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