One of my favorite dugout moments ever.

Okay, so guess what? Glavine just left the game and now the bases are loaded and we’re down 1 run. I have just muted the game because I am hoping that will mute the growing panic in my abdomen. Yes, I still believe. But I think I’m gonna need to believe along side some Alka Seltzer.

In case you’re looking for some fun right now, here’s the YouTube footage from earlier in the game when they showed Reyes dancing with Shawn Green in the dugout. A rare moment of public levity for Shawnie, who’s usually on the reserved side. I *******’ love it.

Right after this came another adorable moment: the Lo Duca and Woody handshake. I’m not sure…what it is exactly, but it’s cute.

Finally (for now), did you realize D-Wright and Greenie have a handshake? It’s a fist tap-point upwards combo. Me likey.

Picture_157Almost as much as I like this previously blogged about YouTube moment of David Wright imitating Shawn Green’s outfielding.

Okay. That eased my tummy a wee bit. Let’s get this game back in gear, fellas!





    hey I saw that on Tv.Although that is one thing I dont see my Shawn Green do very often But nice to see him have some fun only down by one GO METS!
    We can still do it!I see him hit,make tremendous plays but dance not to often.



    I saw Jose and Greenie’s little moment but missed D Wright and Greenie’s handshake. When I saw Jose dancing my immediate thought was, “Oh gosh, please don’t let David start dancing too.”


    As soon as I saw the Greenie/Dwright handshake, I said to TBF:
    “There it is! There’s our handshake!” i have been wanting us to do one of the handshakes, but we are lacking coordination.

    and the moment with him dancing with reyes – TBF says he is the whitest white man in the world, but i think shawn green has him beat.


    It says the video is not available anymore. Did Fox take it off? Or YouTube?

    I don’t remember seeing it during the game, but I saw it here earlier. Just wanted to see it again. : )

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