Jon Stewart’s 47 mph…unfastball?

Picture_0192Bubbe. I love you. You’re a super Mets fan, so I love you even more. And I certainly didn’t boo you! But don’t quit that day job just yet, okay? (Stay tuned here for the YouTube footage at the end, which is PRICELESS. Especially the last one, of Willie’s and Rick Down’s reactions.)

NLCS Game 2 First Pitch (Zoe’s pics from the game and Diamondvision):

Jon Stewart greets the screaming crowd:

Picture_0181_1  The pitch:


Jon Stewart’s (heart-tugging) reaction to being booed. (Awww.)


Hugging and posing with Sandy Alomar.

Picture_0211 Picture_022 


I had a feeling Jon Stewart would mention his less than awesome first pitch on The Daily Show last night, but I had no idea to what extent he’d show all the video footage. It was hilarious, and here are the highlights for you on YouTube. (Sorry my camera doesn’t take better film off my TV! Oh well.) :


1. Jon Stewart throws first pitch.

2. Jon Stewart on the Shea reaction.

3. The full extent of the booing.

4. Willie and Rick Down’s reactions. It’s easy to miss Rick Down’s "Hey! We got to bring in George W. Bush!"


LET’S DO THIS TONIGHT, METS! The Team. The Time. The Getting The Cardinals Where They Sleep.



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