Making dreams come true

The Mets‘ dreams–and us fans’ dreams–are on hold while the rain comes down in sheets over in St. Louis.

But why should that stop the fun? Firstly, I got the whole (brief) McFadden’s album up for the NLCS Game 3. Secondly, here’s Matt’s (of response to my praising of his Metsy five o’clock shadow (and by the way, didn’t I tell you the offense was gonna come alive for Game 4!?):

…also, zoe, my five o’clock shadow has nothing to do with the mets…actually, i have been rocking the five o’clock shadow every day of my life for the past 12 years…seriously…even on my wedding day…i think it has something to do with having idolized indiana jones and sunny crockett when i was a kid…

Now. How could I resist?






    hey Zoe,
    No game tonight!that may benifeit(spelling)Tom GLavine as now he can go on full rest.BUT I want to see SHAWN GREEN and my mets play:(



    yes We will!we just need 2 out of the next three.Glavine can do it ut who in game 7?not trachsel again?

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