Cliffy smiles! D-Wright sticks it out!

I am so very, very behind in my postseason Shea photo albums, but here’s a lovely little placeholder as we wait and watch to see if the game’ll be rained out.

I think this was as players entered Shea for the NLCS game 2. Who gives great smile? Right after this screenshot, he goodnaturedly mouthed "I’ll be alright."


Of course you will be, Cliffy!

And now, Cliff’s self-proclaimed "little guy" David Wright. Do you love as much as I do that his tongue peeks out even while walking into Shea?


How much do we love our team?





  1. evan

    Hi Zoe,
    Howze the book doin? I love the new pictures on your site, and the jokes. Where’s McFaddens? I have two new articles at AMAZINE, good for some chuckles I hope, Willie R at Valley Forge, and the new musical OLIVER! The NLCS has been pretty Amazin’

    Hope you are well. Hope Glavine finds his youthful vigor tonight…



    Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!!

    I love the tongue… but not so much the tie LOL

    Cliffy now, looks sharp. David needs a violation ticket from the Fashion Police hee hee



    Okay, who told David that that tie looked good? But then again, he is a guy and they don’t always know such things. ( No offense to the guys out there.)

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