We Can Do This!

Have you checked out Big Cliffy’s latest blog entry about yesterday’s rain out and Cory Lidle tragedy? It’s more than worth a look. Man, yesterday was tough indeed. And I know all our thoughts and best wishes are with Cory Lidle’s family.

But no team deals with adversity like our team. We’re gonna do this thing tonight. My voice has gotten nice and rested, so I’m ready to cheer like **** again.

Evil_eye_2And everyone, do us a favor. The Evil Eye is a cultural superstition that I’ve had inbred in me from my mother and grandmother since I can remember. Said Eye of Evil comes ’round when things look to be going well–just to screw it all up. So, work with me here and say a hearty kinnahura to keep it away. And then maybe spit on it a little. Can’t hurt. 






  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I have the same “evil eye” background… I have already done my part on keeping it looking the other way. Or not looking at all.


  2. kayleexxx@aol.com

    I would like to know what has gotten into my guy Shawn Green since he was traded to the mets?hE NEVER hit this much in arizona.Maybe he has found his place in New York.

  3. Edward

    Nice win for the guys last night! Now the pressure shifts to the Cardinals. If they don’t win w/ Carpenter on the mound tonight, this could be over quickly.

    Kaylee… Green is really winning me over this October. After a slow start, he’s really come to play!

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


  4. ajaxbleach@hotmail.com

    I was watching the pre-game show on SNY yesterday and I happened to look at the crowd behind Gary and Ron. Zoë, you were positioned right between Gary and Ron’s arms.

  5. Zoe

    I am *shocked* how many people have recognized me on the TV! I’m sure it’s the pink hat 🙂

    More on that later! xx

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