My Girliest Post Ever.

(Hi Rob! Love you! You don’t really read this blog much anyway!)

I can’t be the only one who thinks this…can I?

Don’t get me wrong. David Wright is adorable. The paradigm of American Handsome. Loveable, for sure. But when it comes to the mens?

Shawn Green’s the hottie in my book.

I was perusing Metsgrrl’s awesome and inspiring Flickr photos when I came across this:

Greenie_from_metsgrrlI’m sorry, but he just looks yummy! A strong jaw matched with deep cheekbones. Tall and lean. Such pretty hair!

Maybe he doesn’t have the D-Wright knock-em-dead charm, but all I’m sayin’ is if I were Shawn Green’s cap, I’d be staying on.

Off to Shea soon! Let’s Go Mets! Let’s METSMERIZE!






    Whats up Zoe–

    Saw a couple of your comments over at our Mets’ blogs a couple of times now and thought I’d zoom over here and check out whats going on.

    It looks like you’ve got a pretty awesome set up over here. Its always nice to find another mets fan as die-hard as I am. I’m actually going to be at the game tonight!

    And you sure are right, this is your girliest post so far (though I’m not sure about that goatee one either). That being said, Shawn Green sure is dreamy :-p.



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