working for you

Mark_zoeWhat else am I here for than to make your Mets postseason experience as fun as possible? In that spirit, I point you to two All-Stars with the same goal.

First, my buddy Mark Newman (pictured with me here) of the MLBlogosphere will be bringing us crucial behind the scenes coverage on his new NLCS blog. I have a feeling Mark’s home loyalties lie with the Cards (am I wrong, Mark?), but I’m hoping for some excellent Shea/Mets pics from our Master Blogger. Like maybe pictures of all the Mets holding signs saying "I love Zoe." I’m sure that’s at the top of his list.

Picture_040Now on to a die-hard Mets fan–the adorable Casey Stern. (Having no inner frat boy, I just can’t bring myself to call him "Sterno.") In his latest "Next Stop Shea" from 10/8, Casey’s getting dribbled with champagne (and so is the camera) in the Dodger’s visiting locker room after our fine team grabs the NLDS. This guy’s just fun to watch–he knows his stuff, isn’t afraid of standing by his opinions/predictions, and also–more than any other sportscaster I can think of–he always seems to be having a blast. It’s infectious!

More to come from me later. Including some new developments in the David Wright Goatee Watch 2006. Can you say goatee telestrating? Awesome.

Let’s do it, Mets!





  1. Zoe

    And just when I’m getting my voice back!

    Oopsies–realize the link for Next Stop Shea didn’t go through. Fixing now!

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