Delgado and DWright: The Goatee Diaries

Cliffy_zoe_copy_5Lots of Metsies have goatees, including Cliffy, who makes me love him more daily. If you haven’t read his latest blog entry, click over now. He’s being so candid, so open with the fans. I definitely choked up. He’s a guy who wants so bad to give his all to the team, but also worries if even trying to do so will hurt them in the end. Not an enviable position by any means, but he’s handling it with only dignity and class. You hang in there, Cliff.

But now on to lighter matters. Before we get to the infamous and ever-changing D-Wright goatee, did you catch this one? During the NLDS Game 1, they showed interview footage of (another of my favorites) Carlos Delgado. When compared to his grooming status on the field however? Well, take a look for yourself:

Picture_110_1 Delgado_goatee_nlds_game_1

Carlos! We love you just the way you are. But if you want to darken that goatee, then you go right ahead. Seems to be working for you at the plate and all. Just_for_met_copy_2Still, you may as well join Keith Hernandez and rake in some endorsement bucks. Or should we rename it "Just For Mets?"

Dwright_end_season_goatee_cropped_2But what about our D-Wright? Last we saw on the DWGW 2006 ("David Wright Goatee Watch 2006", for the uninitiated), David was rocking a phantom of a goatee, which–based on his babyface appearance at the All-Star game, I felt sure he’d shave entirely. But no!

Dwright_goatee_nlds_game_1D-Wright’s post-season grooming choice has been a permanent stubble. A little rough and tumble for such a sweet guy? Hmm, maybe there’s more bad boy in there than we thought.

I may not have Keith Hernandez’s "beautiful" (to quote Ron Darling) telestrating skills, but rest assured that during the NLDS, even surrounded by stubble, the D-Wright goatee hadn’t yet vanished.

Dwright_goatee_telestrated_nlds_game_1 Dwright_goatee_telestrate

Will our David shave the goatee before Wednesday? Well, as Keith Hernandez would say: "There’s hits in it!"

Wright_delgado_just_for_metsOr maybe we can expect him to adopt the Delgado look. David, will you dip into Just For Mets?






    I like a little facial hair on DWright….a little. Some scruff is fine I don’t know if I’d want to see him with a full on Che Guevarra though.

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