I’m not the only Mets fan–or Cliff Floyd fan–in the household

Jasper says: Mew! Mew! Mrews! Which of course translates to: Let’s. Go. Mets! Now Give. Me. Food!Met_cat_smaller

Picture_021Picture_025_1Jasper will be the first to tell you, as you can see on that crazy YouTube, that he is the MVP of cute.

In August, my baby went on the DL when we found out he was diabetic. But with lots of care from his trainers and nutritionists (Zoe and Rob), he’s back strong for the postseason.

Trust me. You couldn’t have PULLED Jasper away from the Mets newspaper coverage on Sunday. He’s just thrilled.




  1. James

    Hi Jasper, Zoe and Rob: I just want to thank you for your great blogs on the METS! I sooo badly want a Mets – Tigers World Series. The Mariners are my team, but I have followed the Mets since I first saw them play on MLB.com (What a Bargin!)and started reading your blog. I want to see two teams in the WS…that have energy (Let’s REYES the Roof), know how to celebrate, and have class people as managers (Willie and Jim). When I think about this season, and these two teams, two pictures come to mind: METS – REYES’ smile and attidue in the dugout ( jumping up and down)( while poor Melky had to sit on the bench and stare because “Pride , Power and Pinstripes” are above acting like – Reyes The Roof ), as they were clinching the title…he (Reyes) is very addictive. TIGERS – the way the team celebrated with the fans. These two teams have energy, synergy, trust, and swagger.

    My two female cats – Suki and Sarah are in love with Jasper.

    Thanks again for the time and energy you put into your blog. I plan to blog the Mariners next year starting with Spring Training … thumbs down on the 2 Mariners’ Blogs on MLB.com.

    Aloha, KIMO (Jim) –The slowest right fielder in the history of High School Baseball!!!!

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