Before the Five O’Clock Shadow

You caught it, right? During Game 3, amongst all the "People Magazine‘s latest heartthrob" hoopla? Well, I really caught it. Little David, circa 1992 and ’94.

Forgive me if I hope some of David Wright’s teammates find this page and maybe tease him a little. Because that’s the comraderie we all love so much.

Dwright_kid1 Dwright_kid2_1 Dwright_kid5 Dwright_kid4

And now for Ms. Simmons’ fifth grade class picture:

Dwright_kid3 And the whole Wright brotherhood: David, Matthew, Danny, and Steven:

Picture_141_2 D-Wright didn’t look like the coolest kid in the class. And I kind of love that.

Thanks for the pics, Fox! At least you did something right. Because someone in your graphics department needs to learn his or her Mets from his or her Padres.


Franco_sd (Hint: Julio Franco, not a Padre.)


  1. Zack

    FUNNY about the misplaced team logo. Good catch. I totally missed it. And I totally love it. D-Wright has the same smile in every pic. But at least it’s a good smile.

    -The Baseball Collector


    Awww Thanks Z.
    That is cute… he can appreciate the good things because he was just one of the normal kids like you say. And I (don’t know about you ;)) can relate.

    On the other pics: HUH? I didn’t realize that @ all. Is early in the morning and I even thought “Wait when did the Padres play the Mets in the DS?” LOL I guess I need a few more hours of sleep.

    I’m almost done w/ the book 🙂


  3. Kellia

    And somebody needs to learn the difference between his or her Padres and his or her Dodgers. (Next year, of course!)

    Let’s Go Mets! (Win the Pennant, Win the Series and then go get Zito!)

    Ex-New Yorker Kellia

    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

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