Oh, my friends. I have got some blogging to do today! Watching our amazing boys do their amazing thing at McFaddens, among swarms of other loud, thrilled, boozed up revelers was FUN FUN FUN! I’ll write about that, along with great pics, later on.

Tigers_beat_yanks_1But first! I really don’t have to tell you what the buzz around New York is today. WE did it! And the Yanks so didn’t. I’m not going to go all bashy here, because I do know some great Yankees fans, including my kind and generous friend John H. and MLBlogs own lovely Lola.

BUT. I do love how the situation today has proven that you can’t just gather a group of talented individuals, throw them in a game together, and expect them to create magic. Poor Joe Torre. He’s going to take the blame for what’s just a failure to become a team.

What have we been hearing from the Mets all season? We’ve been hearing about the brotherhood. About the trust in that clubhouse. About every player knowing he didn’t have the pressure to be a star because there were 24 other guys at his back. (Somethng the Yankees just plain couldn’t say.) What did the Mets keep telling us? That during the individual low times, the rest of the team was there to pick them up. CLEARLY Zoe loves her some of that.

Yankees, all that ain’t just rhetoric. Omar Minaya (blessed Omar Minaya!!) purposely created this group for their chemistry. We all know you’re talented players. But we’re a team.

And a pretty *******’ amazing team at that.

Picture_015More later, folks! Cliff Floyd, you’re a fighter. We love you for giving your all to score. YOU are as great a teammate as it gets.

And WE love you to pieces for it.





  1. Michael

    They are a joy to watch, aren’t they Zoe? “Starting pitching? We don’t need no stinkin’ starting pitching. We’re a TEAM!” (Actually the starting pitching has been stellar–as you note, everyone picks everyone else up).

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


  2. wolffman98@aol.com

    zoe.. you are exactly right on the difference between the mets and yankees… oh well they are done and we have eight more wins to go!!

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