McFaddens means McFun!

Picture_0081_1I’m not going to lie. I was worried about going to McFaddens for the Metsblog viewing party. Because last time Rob and I went? For the sure-to-be-division-clincher party? Yeah, that didn’t turn out like we wanted it to, now did it? And when it comes to baseball, who’s not superstitious!?

But boy oh boy no worries there! Yay! I posted a great photo album of the whole shebang, which you should be sure to check out.

Picture_0251_5Almost as soon as Rob and I got to the bar, someone looked at me and said: "Zoe?" It was very nice Pick Me Up Some Mets reader, Dean. Hi Dean! (Seemed like Dean was with a lady, and I can tell you, Dean–if you want to get in good with that lady, click on the book cover to the right there. Chicks certainly dig my novel!)

Rob and I were thrilled when a table opened up at the bar. I was especially thrilled because it meant I got a great vantage point–which for a shorty like myself, is a big deal. So yeah. If you saw a girl in a kids-sized Mets jersey jumping up and down on a banquette? Hiya! In fact, as soon as I got myself up on my knees to watch the game, I heard: "You’re the blog girl!" And whomever that was got a great old hand slap from me. Not quite a Delgado-force hand slap, or anything, but still.

The crowd went wild all night. How much did you enjoy watching an ultimate Mets first inning, with 3 early runs and hitting from Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Floyd, and Green. Booyakasha! The McFaddenites chanted: "Turn-the-sound-on" until–yay!–the music gave way to almost 9 full innings of game sound. We lurved it.

How fun does this look? When Reyes’s RBI tied the score after a brief Dodger lead, McFaddens erupted, the lights flashed, and it was what I might call a dandy old time. See for yourself on YouTube!

Picture_0441_1Another highlight included meeting good ole’ Hot Foot himself. Everyone say hi to Anthony! He’s a cutie!

I hope you caught some of the great David Wright moments of the game as well. I don’t mean his fantastic hitting, or anything, which was indeed a joy to watch. No, I mean the "human interest" stuff David’s always getting thrown at him. (After all, he’s Mr. "Wright Flight," isn’t he?) I’ll be posting screenshots tomorrow of the cute-as-a-button childhood pictures we saw of young David, but I can’t resist reliving that great moment when Fox showed the People Magazine page of our #5, heralding him as the "latest heartthrob." People says: "Young, hip, and handsome." David Wright says: “Please don’t show any of my teammates. They will brutally tease me." According to Fox, Tom Glavine said to D-Wright: “Don’t get too excited about it. It’s the uniform, not you.” The Fox guys (laughing sarcastically) said: “Sure. Sure.” Tommy, I love ya, but it ain’t just the uniform.

Picture_0161_3But on to D-Wright’s good buddy now. Of course, you can imagine I felt the blow when Cliff’s heel gave out. But to see him giving his all to score–to read his take on the whole thing–makes you realize once again what a class act fighter he is. You could see how the team loves Cliff. After he went down, Lo Duca came over rub his back. Tucker helped him out of the dugout, and Woody followed holding his shoe. Later, during the celebration, everyone came to Cliffy because he couldn’t come to them. They gave him hugs. And drowned him in champers. They want him back, I’m sure. But Cliff will be the first to say Willie should do whatever’s best for the team. Come on, heel. Heal.

Picture_0372So, until Wednesday, right? Nah. I’ve got so much still to blog about, that I don’t know what I’d do without the extra days! And what does the McFadden’s crowd have to say to that?

Well, duh.

Let’s Go Mets!






    Just wanted to say that the youtube video looked awesome.. i would have loved to have been there, but I live in Buffalo… not too many met fans up here…


    As listeners to your MLB radio interview will know, you weren’t exactly brought up in a baseball fan household. But we’ve caught your and Rob’s enthusiasm and watched the whole game. Yaaaayyyy! Dad and I were screaming when the Mets won. We felt so bad for Cliff. Hope he recovers soon.

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