When I say “Game 1” you say “Win!”

Game 1! Win! Game 1! Win!

I haven’t had three minutes to breathe in the past 2 days, so expect the photographic extravaganza of my playoffs album to start tomorrow (Friday). But let’s give y’all a little peek-see, shall we?

Dwright_introI DVRed the game, as I always do, so Rob and I can watch key plays at home that we might have missed, take advantage of replays, etc. But I was a tad disappointed to see upon reviewing the footage that the pre-game intros were cut out completely. Because that? ROCKED SO HARD. Cliff Floyd said it would feel like a big hug. Yeah, I think it felt more like a freight train of love barreling full speed ahead into the hearts of this phenomenal team. Shoot. Hugs ain’t that loud.

So here–wherever you’re sitting, imagine screaming REAL HARD, and I’ll just say: I now present. Your 2006 NL East Division Champions. NEW YORK METS! Ahhhhhh!

Intro_nymets_1First_pitch_playoffs_2Man, I never imagined such energy at Shea. From the very first pitch (pictured here, a STRIKE, you go Mainey!), every one of the Dodger’s outs was an event. The crowd was on its feet every other minute. AND, apparently, postseason baseball makes me very BOUNCEY. From our first hit on, I just kept jumping up and down like a pogo stick with every successful swat of those powerful Mets bats. I jumped until I ran out of breath. And then I bounced on my tip-toes.

Cliff_homer_runningAnd when I saw THIS? Yeah, I felt some blood vessels popping. Cliff_homer_running2I’ll zoom in for you so you can see what I’m talking ’bout: Cliff Floyd’s awesome "What Achilles?" home run.

My heart swelled the most this game, though, for Carlos Delgado, who’s perhaps my 2nd favorite Met, up there with D-Wright and Greenie. I’ve got a pic I’ll post in the album later of his very first postseason at bat. Now, who deserves these moments more than Delgado? I’m sure we’re all glad to see he’s making the most of every single minute of these games. And…you know…keep it up, Carlito!

Rally_robBut oh, the game was not without its oh-holy-God-no moments. Rob’s rally cap was pulled so tightly over his head it left a mark. But if that mark means pulling ahead by two more runs? Oh, there go the blood vessels again. Throbbing with the cheering–the boisterous, screaming, ear-piercing cheering.

Happy_zoeHere I am in between the jumping, arms raised in sweet, sweet victory. I’ll leave you now with some final highlights. The game winning hand slappies, including a close up on Willie getting and giving love from and to Jose and Jose, #7 and #18. And also, a hilarious moment of Cliff Floyd being shown on the Diamondvision "Kiss Cam." Now, why didn’t anyone call me out there?

Cliff_heartsBut Kiss Cam? I so got there first, with this graphic months ago.

Cliff_kiss_cam After_game_willie_love After_game_hand_slappy

Let’s do it again tonight, boys. I’ve still got a few blood vessels left to pop.






  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    I could have sworn Cliffy waved to you after going yard. Great post. I would zoom over to Shea tonight from here (Yankee Stadium) but have a 6 am to Detroit! Have fun tonight!

    Mark, your ALDS blogger


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