One of the best days of my life.

Okay, not JUST because of the game 1 win, but that played a huge part of it! But we’ll get to that. I’m working throughout the next few hours to try and grab free time to write all about an AMAZING day at Shea. And an amazing (slightly Mets related) night AFTER Shea. The thing is? For me, at least, it all started so horribly.

First of all, and the Mets Front Office and Mets Security: Please get your acts together for fan information. Come on, guys. The team needs the fans. And the fans deserve better treatement from you. After checking for three days straight if there would be batting practice for all-comers (by phone because there was no website info about it–bad form, folks), I was finally told at 10:30 AM yesterday that there would be, for all ticketholders. However, no one told the front office that only Field level tickets would be allowed into what’s usually open to all.

Picture_0141_2Add to that how absolutely rude and cruel one usher was when I got to Loge level before 2PM with a hugely heavy heart, and I actually wound up in tears. No joke: A Mets usher made me cry. There was a more reasonable (and kind of shell-shocked–I don’t think he’s used to tears) Security guy, though, who stepped in and helped me out, shooing away the bad man. From my perch up high watching bp, I wanted to very much to shout out: "Cliff Floyd!" But I let him go about his batting practice instead. Should I have yelled out to him? I know he would have  heard me. But also…then I would have felt a wee bit crazy.

More on the game coming later, I promise. Sometime before I rush home to get ready for GAME TWO!

Beesteez_3But first: GUESS WHAT? You know what happened after the game? I’d been invited to a benefit for the ASPCA. And lo and behold–the Beastie Boys were performing. Zoe? LOVES THE BEASTIES. For a girl from Brooklyn, these three guys are just plain idols. Ad Rock has been the imaginary father of my children since I was 12 years old. In fact, he may be the only man who could wrest me away from Rob. As I…um…told Rob.

Ad_rock_metsBut know what else? See his cap? HE’S A METS FAN!

Oh Ad Rock. Oh Mets. Oh Generous People Who Invited Me to the Benefit:


More later about the game, folks. xxxxxx

(P.S. Have you Shown Cliffy the love over at his place yet? Whatchu whatchu whatchu waiting for!? A pic of him rounding the bases on his b*tch-slapping home run’s coming later on.)


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