Tomorrow starts it ALL! Plus the latest in the infamous DWGW2006

You know DWGW stands for "David Wright Goatee Watch," right? See? I knew you’d been paying attention. But more on that soon! (Or, if you want to just scroll down to the D-Wright action, I’ll understand.)

Ever heard that "1-2-3 La Conga!" song? Like at a wedding, say, where you’re all lined up to step, step, step, kick? Well, that’s been in my head for hours now. Only the words have changed to: "The playoffs are tomor-row!" over and over as my shoulders sway to the maddeningly catchy rhythm. Because you know what?

The playoffs are tomorROW!The playoffs are tomorROW! Da da da da da DA!

Where to even begin this post? Okay, I’ll start wtih the heartbreaking. No joke, I’ve cleared my schedule for baseball in October. I feel too lucky, too excited to have these tickets, and I want to make the very, very most of them. Which, alas, will not be as "most" as I had hoped. Because from what I hear from the (very nice) Mets PR office, there are no plans for open-to-the-public batting practices at all for the playoffs. WAH!

Okay, so even ignoring my child-like disappointment at not getting to start my cheering early–and not getting to work my tush off for an autograph–Mets Office People, a closed warm-up/batting practice/whatever is just not a good idea for the team’s morale! Were you THERE for the clincher? The fans fuel the Mets. We get their blood flowing. We encourage them to work hard. We start it all off as it should be started: with a loud, enthusiastic, chilling BANG. As Cliff Floyd said, "It’s going to feel like a big hug." And who doesn’t want hugs before the game? Who?

For really real, please for all of our sakes, the fans and the team–schedule a public batting practice at least once in October!! PLEASE!

What will it be like tomorrow? Having only been a fan since 2003, I’ve never been to October baseball. I’ve never thrown myself into those emotional highs and lows, and I’m not sure how to prepare. I’m so ready to be thrilled and amazed, but how reasonable is it to get my hopes up? Like, way up? We all know our team is something truly special, but even so–a game is a game. Sometimes we’ve got it dialed up, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. How will that change now with extra pressure, with unfamiliar territory for many, with a team that’s not 100% healthy? Or how will it change with every Met working at 200%, with a clubhouse that’s not just a team but a brotherhood, and with a manager who knows playoff baseball like the hairs of his own mustache?

Let’s do this Mets. Let’s do it hard, and impressive, and phenomenal. Because we all know you can.

Dw You can look to other blogs to break down stats, player comparisons, etc. Metsblog and Hot Foot especially have been genius at this (thanks guys!). But who else but Zoe could break down the Goatee Watch for you? Because people? David Wright’s brought it back. The last time we checked in on the stylings of D-Wright’s Mouth Border, he was doing the "David Wright Clean Shaven Dance of Joy," grand-slamming away with his sweetly bare chin.

Now? Hmmm. He’s hitting. He’s even got a 3-run homer with the chin hair. Is the Goatee tide turning?

Mark my words: This is post-clincher, pre-playoffs facial hair. If I know D-Wright like I think I do, he’ll show up at tomorrow’s game clean shaven like a new born behbeh. He’ll smile that down-home #5 dazzling grin, step to the plate, perform his batting ritual: adjust batting gloves, pull jersey over nose, optional tug at batting helmet, and then he’ll knock that ball for a line drive and get our boys home.

Because, you know what?

The playoffs are tomorROW! The playoffs are tomorRow!




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