The FUNNIES. And CLIFF. And, oh yeah, OCTOBER. Hellz yeah.

Cliff_zoeDid you know Cliff Floyd has a postseason blog? If you didn’t? CLIFF FLOYD has a postseason blog. Many thanks to Michael Norton for pointing it out! Let’s show Cliff the love. He’s had a tough year, but he’s still showing nothing but spirit and heart, and letting us fans share what superstition won’t allow me to say will be a fant*stic October. (Spit, spit on the Evil Eye.) Thanks for caring about us fans, Cliff!

But now for what I do best–recapping the funnies. I have the final game of the regular season on my DVR, but I haven’t yet gotten a chance to watch it. So here are the hilarious moments from Friday and Saturday’s games.

2This? Is one of the funniest dugout moments I’ve seen perhaps all year. It’s David Wright imitating Shawn Green’s outfielding. HA. You’ve got click the link to see the video. The kid’s got a sense of humor.

Picture_127_1But as y’all know, I also love me some Keith-Gary-Ron SNY moments, and all of us will miss them dearly during the games postseason. So here, for your giggling pleasure, are some of Friday’s beauts:

After John Maine’s first big league hit (a double!), later heading home on Lo Duca’s RBI, the SNY team comments on the young pitcher’s running: Keith: "Pitter patter" Gary: "Twinkle Toes!" Keith: "Fred Asparagus."

On getting hit by foul balls: Keith: "When my wife got hammered in Atlanta–" Gary: "Do you want to rephrase that?"

On Mota pitching to Soriano, Ron Darling comments on Keith Hernandez’s telestrating: Ron: "Beautiful!" Keith: "I took mechanical drawing in my freshman year of high school. And I got a B."

Saturday’s beauts:

On cell phones: Keith: "If I talk on the phone on an airplane, I talk in a low voice. I hate when people get on an airplane–‘Hey Merv! How ya doin!? Guess where I’m going!?’ It’s just like, I don’t care where you’re going. Lower your voice.” A little later: “You know how much of a dinosaur I am? My kids would have hated me. If I didn’t get a divorce, and I had actually stayed there the whole time and raised those kids?” (Gary, Ron laughter) “They would have never—they would have never had a telephone in their room or a TV. They would have hated me.” Gary, Ron: But now they love you? Keith: “Well, of course.”

And, wah, at the top of the 9th, on Keith’s departure off to Florida and away from baseball commentating? Keith: “Gone. Adios amigos.” Gary: “I love when you speak Spanish.” Keith: “Vaya con dios. Hasta luego.”

Hasta luego, indeed. We’ll miss you Keith Hernandez! You have no filter between your brain and your mouth. And although it may get you into trouble sometimes? (Yeah, I could have done without the whole women-in-the-dugout moment.) I do love you for it.







  1. Zoe

    First game this Wednesday at 4PM, then Thursday at 8PM. After that, they go to LA, so the times’ll be all screwy on the East Coast and keep us up late.

    DO IT, METS!

    And of course, by “Do it,” I mean “Win this spectacularly, and then look at the cameras and say ‘Hi, Zoe! We love you too!”



    LOVE your blog!

    And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has an appreciation for the wackiness of the SNY crew. Did you catch the party planning in the late innings of Saturday night’s game? Out of nowhere Keith says (I’ll have to paraphrase) “Did you enjoy that Merlot last night, Ronnie?” Ron-“Yeah, and tonight it’s my treat since this is your last weekend of broadcasting with us for the year.” Keith-‘Oh that’s right, this is it..” And Gary says, “Don’t forget guys, we have a day game tomorrow.”

    My all time favorite Keith moment happened earlier this season. It was a very long extra-inning game. You know how Keith is about his scorecard and his different color highlighters for each pitcher, right? Well, as each pitching change took place he complained ever more vehemently about all of the colors he was using. Finally, in the 14th inning sometime after midnight, he said “Look at this, will you?!” And as the camera shot to the booth he held up his scorecard and said, “It looks like an acid trip!”

    Classic Keith!



    Zoe, I enjoy your blogs so much. I would like to say that I think you need to update your David Wright facial hair watch. At the dedication for his “plane” and on SNY he was sportin some whiskers. *whispers*I kind of like it.*whispers*

  4. Zoe

    Christine, I heard both those moments and loved them too! My favorite Keithisms are any time he says “pretty” or “you bet your sweet bippy.” HA!

    And mnshine, you read my mind–I’ve already got the pictures!

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