The Samson Effect

I find myself in the rarest of rare situations in that I feel like I have…nothing to write about. What else can be said except: Ok, Pedro’s out. Let’s see what happens. I mean, isn’t that just it in a nutshell?

Pedro1Pedro2 Still…I’d be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn’t pause to take a moment to consider what might be the prototypical paradigm of what I will dub The Samson Effect. In other words: Pedro Martinez, I never, ever thought I would say this, but maybe you should consider growing back your hair in the off season. You know, because of its obvious special powers and all.

Back in April, I was so overjoyed. There Rob and I were at the pre-opening warm up, watching the blessed boys exercise their hearts out in preparation for the next day’s season opener. And lo and behold–oh heavens yes!–Pedro Martinez had chopped off that painfully unattractive mop of saggy jehri curl. I think I actually screamed out "Yay haircut!"

But who knew? Who could have foretold! Pedro’s powers–his very health–was locked in that hair. Those slick, greasy strands held the secrets to his toe, his hip, his very legs in their hanging curls.

There’s no avoiding it. Pedro, babi. Grow back the mojo.




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