Dear Mets:

Picture_120_2See, I’m all excited. Because a very generous, and slightly crazy, Rob decided he and I had to be there for you at every Shea game of the post-season. Now, whenever I think of sitting in our third-row loge seats, I feel butterflies in my tummy. About a week ago, those butterflies were the kind where you can’t believe how lucky you are. The kind where you think you’re about to see the most amazing, uplifting event ever. And you’ll be sharing it with a stadium of over 50,000 people.

Picture_1211 Now, I’ve still got butterflies. But…they’re more like the kind you get when you’ve just interviewed for your dream job, and you’re waiting to hear if you got it.

Boys? I’m nervous. Pedro? You’re starting in eight minutes. And I’m hoping I won’t have to watch with my hands over my face.

We need this one. Obviously not because it means anything within the division, but because of where your heads need to be come next week. You need the confidence. The swagger. You need Pedro and Jose Reyes goofing around in the dugout. And you need to believe with every play that you can win this thing. If a win with Pedro on the mound is what it takes? Then please, Pedro, turn this month around for us. Okay, amigo?

Picture_1221_2To come so far. To feel such excitement, such gratitude. To have it all fizzle away would be heartbreaking for all of us. Whatever you need to do, Mets, to get back to where you’ve been. Please, please get there.

You know, quickly.

Thanks, guys! Love you!





  1. Zoe

    Wow, would have never thought of that! Thanks.

    So…pep talk didn’t do much good. And neither did Willie’s. I hope I can sleep tonight.

  2. Edward

    wow… what a rough night at Turner Field (haven’t I said that before in the last 8 years or so? lol)

    Not having Pedro is a big blow.. but on the bright side, at least we found out now what he has left, and not in Game One of the NLDS.

    If the offensive picks it up, it probably won’t matter. Our bullpen is still six men deep. Just hope our rotation can keep us in it for 5 innings or so…

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

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