The A Minus Lineup

Lately, I’ve risked becoming a photo and video blogger, which is ironic since writing’s what I do best. However. There have been so many moments over the past few days that I’ve wanted to share with you. Because hey, maybe you missed this awesome thing, did you see it? Or maybe you saw it, but how sweet to be able to see it again?

Take last night. Willie was playing what he called his "A minus" lineup, with nary a regular starter in sight except Glavine (and maybe Endy and Lastings.) And we won! We won with a home run from Anderson Hernandez, go figure, and some great play by Lastings Milledge (keep it up, kid).

I’ve YouTubed some hilarious, surprising, and heartwarming moments from last night. So check out David Wright cursing! (Read his lips. I wish I knew whom he was talking about!). We all know about Jose Reyes’s cute-as-a-button handshakes. But have you seen this one, with Pedro? And lastly, I realized recently that Carlos Delgado has become one of my favorite players. Perhaps it’s because he and Jose Reyes are just so cute together. See the kiss ‘n rub and tell me you’re not touched!

WillieAs for pics, here was Willie Randolph’s (laugh-worthy) expression after Hernandez hit the homer. Cliff_hernan_1And here was Cliff Floyd (far left) showing the camera man where to give props. 

But sweetest of all last night?



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  1. Jesse

    Thanks Zoe. Look for more during the playoffs. Looks like I’m gonna be on the Mets…and yes, practice your Spanish…maybe you can get a Professor Reyes

  2. Edward

    No way! I like all the pics and videos you put up. I don’t get to see all the games working nights and miss a lot of those things lol. The A-minus squad got it done last night. Looks like the game is starting to slow down for Milledge, which is good.
    Let’s Go Mets!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


    Oh, just noticed Willie Ball’s reference to the scoreboard at Shea, so let me correct my expectation of what the Mets’ tagline would read should they make a run all the way:

    The team. The time. The NL East champions.

    The team. The time. The NLDS champions.

    The team. The time. The NL champions.

    The team. The time. The world champions.

    A little more sleek than I was expecting, so am presuming that would be the tagline protocol. Ya think? Not so sure about the “NLDS champions” part, though, it would be very short-lived with limited marketability.


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