Meant to be at Shea!!!

And better than I could have imagined! Even watching alone at home! There’s just so much to blog about! Trachsel and Valentin! Cliff Floyd caught the final ball! The hugging! Especially all the Willie hugging! (And I don’t mean that in a dirty way!) The love! The champagne! The interviews! Especially the Cliff Floyd interview! Which both made me beam and broke my heart! Paul Lo Duca whispering "I love you" in Carlos Delgado’s ear! After cursing on camera earlier! Willie getting doused with beer! David Wright and his cigar! The boys jumping with the "N.L East Champs" sign! Shawn Green holding his baby! (Kill me with cuteness, why don’t you!?) GOD, there’s SO MUCH!

Clearly I need a day to process my Division Championship entry (Woo-HA!) and to get all the screenshots I need to make the Best. Photo album. EVER.

I’m watching this all again tomorrow and taking notes. But in the meantime:




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