Three chances. Three strikes.

Just interested in the McFadden’s photos? Click here!

Picture_111See that picture? That was Carlos Delgado and Cliff Floyd at Friday’s batting practice. Look! They’re beaming! For the moment, anyway. (By the way, to the ignorant fans at batting practice who keep shouting "Cliff Floyd!" at Carlos Delgado or vice versa? See? They’re different people! I could go on about how this annoys me, but I’ll stop there.)

Good Lord it’s been an annoying weekend. Rob says he’d like his 10 hours back, please. Friday night, Metsblog announced a viewing party at McFadden’s on 2nd Ave near 42nd Street. Picture_0011_9Rob, Rob’s friend Jon, and I gleefully trekked uptown to prepare to watch–yay! oh joy!–our team clinch the division for the first time in eighteen years. Yeah, that turned out real well. Still, if we had to lose, it was fun to be out with other fans, drinking away our sorrows. Be sure to check out the full photo album from Friday night to see more.

The next two losses? Much less bearable. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they were pretty unbearable. But hey. Maybe we’re just meant to clinch at Shea, right? With the fans screaming in the tens of thousands. Note to offense: Please come back! Pleeeease. We miss you terribly.

After the second loss, Willie Randolph was still joking around with reporters, explaining that he’s not worried yet about the team’s record against lefties. I recorded Willie’s response here. I love his response. But you know what? I’m guessing he’s a bit more worried now.

Because you know what?

So am I.

Let’s get this done, boys. We fans want to experience this landmark with our beloved Mets.



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    I had my theory after yesterday’s game that they just want to come back to NY to win it. I may be right 😉


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