Adorable Jose Placeholder

Picture_028_1Rob and I went to Friday’s and Sunday’s games. The clunkers. Although there wasn’t much good baseball to watch, there were still good pictures to be taken, so stay tuned for the next Zoe At Shea albums!

Picture_043 Sure, we’re still a gazillion games ahead. But Rob used his Carlos Delgado "Follow Your Dreams" bracelet to demonstrate how losing made us feel.

But finally, I leave you with this heartwarming video of Jose Reyes clowning around with Carlos Delgado. The dancing is fun. But it’s the hugging–the sweet, cuddly hugging–that just melts me into "awwwws."



P.S. Want a couple Fashion Week photos? Here are, in order: 1) Me with sponsors. 2) Nnenna from America’s Next Top Model. 3) Me and Tim Gunn from Project Runway! He’s closing his eyes with joy at meeting me. Right?

Real_girl Nnenna_close_up_2 Timrg




    Hey, Fashion Weeker. I’ll root for the home team if I’m in the crowd, wherever that is. If I’m working the game, not rooting for anyone. Mets have a pretty good chance of making the playoffs, don’t you think?

    Just posted a Ground Zero pictorial on


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