What I give up for the Mets!

Once in a while, my life as a beauty/fashion blogging novelist and my life as a Mets fan come to clash. This weekend–the beginning of Fashion Week–is one of those times. Invite2

Although I would love to attend Friday night’s opening party, we’ve got Mets tickets! And it’s been a while since I’ve been at Shea to support the boys.

Poor me, right?

(I will be attending a couple of Saturday’s events, though! Namely, the non-morning ones.)

But now to the daily funnies. While watching yesterday’s first game on DVR, I was overjoyed to hear Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez knocking out these beauties:

On Mr. Met:

Keith: He looks like Frankenstein’s monster, with all those scars on his face. Gary: Those are seams! Keith: Oh! Gary: Come on, he’s a baseball.

On Keith’s scorecards, which he’s been saving:

Gary: Yours are so colorful, they’re worth saving. They’re worth framing! Keith: It’s like going to the Louvre. Gary: You got your DaVinci’s here, you got your Hernandez’s here.

Pretty *******’ spiffy day yesterday, huh? Glad to see Carlos Beltran in there for the second game, along with Cliff Floyd–for some of it at least. 9_6_perez_copy And Oliver Perez! Ho-ho-ho!! Another complete game shut out for the Mets. But can he keep up his control? I just don’t know. I’m hoping we’ll get to find out the answer is YES and that he’ll throw shut-out games every time he’s got the ball. Completely reasonable demand, I think.

9_6_green_tucker And how about Shawn Green? Two home runs, and hitting 6 for 8! Are we plotzing? I love seeing this guy succeed. He’s got a humility to him that I love, and he seems to fit right in with the team dynamic. I’m glad to have you, Shawnie!





  1. Edward

    Fear not, Zoe… you made the right choice tonight! Besides… what can be more fashionable than the blue and orange right now?

    I love Keith/Gary/Ron in the booth. But did you here about Howie Rose’s yiddish home run call for Shawn Green on WFAN the other day? Classic!


  2. evan

    Hi Zoe
    This is a great site, I love the special effects.

    I keep shouting you out now and then…. keep it up!



  3. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    NY Fashion are you kidding me? Yeah but it is Shea LOL 😉 No worries you can do both then.

    Either way have fun on everything 🙂

    I’m greeen with envy LOL when you go to an event think of me and how much I would love to be there… I’ll be happy with that 😉

    Take care chica!


  4. Zack

    Funny stuff about Keith and Gary. I missed the whole game last night, and I’m missing today’s game as well. Alas.

    Don’t yell at me for being THIS far behind, but I finally heard your MLBlogger of the Week interview. And I liked it very much.

    -The Baseball Collector

  5. Zoe

    Kaylee, Shawn’s doing great! During the recent double header he went 6 for 8 with two home runs! I really like him on the team–he seems like a humble guy. And he has pretty hair.

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