MVPlease be okay, Carlos!

Ok, so I know Carlos Beltran tends to be dramatic when it comes to injuries. And I know that so far we’ve heard words like "swollen" instead of those evil words like "tear," but arrrrggghhhhh. These photos are NOT what you want to see when it comes to one of your most important players. Word is he went to the hospital after tonight’s game in Houston, and we’ll hear more tomorrow…

But what a play! What do you think: If you’re Carlos Beltran, do you make the catch that saves the game but risk an injury to one of the team’s best players? Or do you let the ball get away but ensure that you’ll still be healthy enough to play with the team? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

9_2_beltran_1 9_2_beltran_2





    I am from NJ and grew up a Mets fan. I now live in Houston. I have adopted the Astros to root for, as long as they’re not playing the Mets. I think it’s sickening that people in the stands, however many few, jeered Carlos as he was helped off the field. I think Carlos is really playing hard, and not letting the jeers bother him. He’s a great MET.


    You got to make the play and try to win every ballgame… I know they have a lead, but you have to think every play of every game is a risk for someone… One pitch and something can happen.. You can’t play scared… Carlos gets paid a lot of money and he knows he gets that money to make those plays.

    Lets hope he is ok.. If he needs to, take off a week.. We have Cliff back and Endy can play center field.

  3. Edward

    Hmmm… that’s a tough one Zoe. Do I like seeing our guys taking risks like that in games that mean very litte? No way. But I think that’s who they are. These guys play to win, no matter what’s at stake. I wouldn’t want to take that aggressiveness from them and risk them getting soft. Guess it’s just up to Willie to give the guys lots of rest after they clinch this thing. lol
    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

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