The Latest in the David Wright Goatee Watch 2006

It is this blogger’s hypothesis that David Wright performs better when clean-shaven. Last time the Mets faced the Rockies, the David Wright goatee alert was on high. Sure we creamed ’em then, but NOW we’re creaming ’em with David Wright grand slams added in to boot. How shweet it is.

So Davey, ease up on the rebel chin hair, mmkay?

And D-Wright, I know you’re gasping in pain here after fouling off your foot. But I’ll just pretend you’re doing the David Wright Clean-Shaven Grand Slam Dance of Joy.







    Actually darling he had just fouled a a pitch off his foot…ouch…the reason why he didn’t hustle down to 1st like he normally does.

    But I concur, the kid does perform better without the facial hair. Perhaps it’s the reduction in wind resistance hence he is able to hit dingers and throw lasers from well beyond the 3rd baseline (like last night).

    Maybe I’m looking into it too much. I dunno, just a thought I wanted to share with a fellow fan. 😀


  2. Zoe

    Ack. I knew he fouled the ball off his foot–but my fingers were typing without my mind, I think. I’ll edit.

    Still, although we *never* want our players hurt, I do so love that it looks like he’s dancing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style.

  3. Edward

    Those “humid-i-dor” slips from Keith were great. I really do love listening to Mex… I’d take some linguistic gymnastics over him picking on that girl in the San Diego dugout any day lol.

    Can’t wait ’til Beltran, Delgado and Wright all get hot at the same time… watch out!

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball

  4. Zoe

    Ohhh, that comment. Keith’s never pretended to be politically correct (which is usually fun to hear, I admit), but I hope his wife gave him a bit of the cold shoulder that night!


    See? I told you LOL D does better without it. Now Beltran is another beleif apparently LOL

    Take care,



    Ya know Shawn Green(My favorite baseball player ) coming to the mets has really made it hard for me to watch him lay here in Arizona.But, I imagine Irf the mets make it to the postseason.(Or should I say When they make the postseason)I will see him play alot on espn.But i still folow the mets especially Shawn Green

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