Yeah, boyz!

What a fun game today! Our boys beat the Phils hard core 8-3. Yes, that Ryan Howard is a dangerous opponent, but one man does not a team make. The Mets are the perfect example of that!

And…did you happen to catch me at the Emmys? With my date Wentworth Miller? No? I’ll just share the pic, then. (What? I’ve never heard of this "photoshop" you speak of!)




  1. James

    Nice try Z…Cliff will not approve, and might ask to be traded to the Mariners. But you should have Wentworth talk to Lastings about his hair…. someday the bat is going to get caught or better yet a high fast ball “cutter” will get tangled with “Laster” and he will be a disaster at home plate.

    Kimo..The slowest right fielder in the History of High School Baseball

  2. Zoe

    Can’t wait for Cliff to come back! I would, indeed, dress up in a gown for him. Or, you know, shove my face on someone else’s body in a gown. Just sayin’.

    If he returns at a home game, and if we’ve got tix to that game, you better believe I’m making my first sign. And it will be GORGEOUS.

  3. Zoe

    Kaylee, another reason for you to love the Mets! Yeah, Green’s been great for the team so far–fitting in swell and RBI-ing his heart out!

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