Picture_0251_4Right now it’s Saturday night at 8:00 PM. Rob is at the game with his friend John. Not with me. Why? Because it’s a night game, dognabbit. And I’ve got to go pretty myself up now for my best friend’s birthday party. Here we are, many years after we first became gal pals, as 12-year-old Brooklyn girls!

Anyhoo. Somehow it’s the 4th inning and Oliver Perez is jumping and springily hopping all over the place because…hey…he’s not doing so badly! Of course NOW the Evil Eye will rear its ugly eyeness and smack us upside the head.

And Lieber’s pitching tonight. Which makes me think we’ve still got a tough road to travel. But Beltran’s 2-run homer has started the night off well, and I’ll just hope they WIN to give my best friend a great birthday gift!




  1. Zoe

    Kaylee, I thought you were a Sox fan. How’d Arizona get in there? But I’m thrilled to have Shawn Green. He seems to fit right into our clubhouse. I don’t quite get, though how the Jewish mascot of baseball could name his kids “Preston” and “Chandler.” That’s like Tom Cruise naming his kids “Ritalin” and “Prozac.”

  2. Edward

    Looks like Cliffy has a shot at joining the team for Friday. Can’t wait to have him back… all the boys will be together soon for October!

    Noon start today and it’s pretty swampy out there. Hope nobody slips and gets hurt. I worry about this kinda weather.

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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