Sweet Sweep

Sweep_2When I say Mets, you say Sweep!

Mets? (Sweep!) Mets? (Sweep!)

8_24_greenMan, that’s fun. Also, Shawn Green? Welcome! Nice to have a mensch join us and knock in an RBI in the process. L’chaim! Blintzes! Schlep! Other jewishy words!

8_24_delgado_green_1‘Twas also nice to see two old friends together after a gloriously unslumpy 2-RBI homer from our Carlos Delgado, giving us a better padded lead that we just wouldn’t give up.

But  now for the funnies! Because lately? SNY has given me more funnies than I can handle! But the first one comes from the Daily News, whose story today highlights how Carlos Delgado taped a yarmulke to his slippery bald head at Shawn Green’s wedding–and how Shawn Green salsa danced (or, um, tried to) at Carlos Delgado’s wedding. Awwww.

Funny number 2 comes from our beloved Keith Hernandez, who relished the idea of a weekend off from work until he realized he needed to come to the "office" for a pre-show tonight. However? He made sure we knew that "you can bet your sweet bippy that by the third inning, I’ll be home." The words "sweet bippy"? Have just entered my permanent vocabulary.

And finally, funny number 3 comes from our own loveable Willie Randolph, who continues to tease and joke with reporters after the games (the ones we win, at least!), showing off his new zany, unstoic demeanor and making us love him just a little bit more. 

I’m thrilled to see what Brian Bannister will do against the Phils. And as to our recent (continued) success? As Shawn Green might say, kinnahura! Let’s keep that jinxtastic Evil Eye far away!





  1. rgrunder2002@yahoo.com

    Sweep! Sweep! Mets look like a great team and Omar is a genius. How deep can our staring pitching be!!?? We’ve had more starters this year that Michael Jackson’s had nose jobs! Bannister, Williams, Maine, Pelfrey and now maybe Perez.

  2. metsgrrl@gmail.com

    ron is so charmingly anachronistic. ‘bippy’ is a very late 60’s/70’s word. it’s the kind of thing my dad throws into a conversation when he wants to seem ‘cool’.


  3. Zack

    I love that the Cards got swept. I’m sort of almost tentatively planning to visit the new Busch next season; if the Cards fail to make the playoffs this year, it’ll be far less crowded in St. Louie. Y’follow? It’s all about ME(ts)!

    -The Baseball Collector

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