8_22_beltran8_22_delgado_2 Yesterday, Rob asked if he could take his best friend–a major Cardinals fan–to the series opener against the Cards.

Being the saintly, loveable elf that I am, I responded, "Sure, babe."


I missed it! I missed the glorious Carloses in glorious action slamming out glorious RBI after RBI (including Carlos Delgado’s 400th career home run–a grand slam, no less) and then walking off with a magnificent first-pitch homer!

I did not, however, miss Rob later that night saying "It was amazing!"

And, well…it totally was, wasn’t it?

How much do you love our team today? Coming back from 7-1 to win the game in the ninth. It doesn’t get much sweeter.

Or maybe it does! Because Willie Randolph’s antics with the press afterwards were priceless. When asked where the stoic Mets manager went, Willie responded "I’m a chameleon." He couldn’t stop beaming the whole time, and even told the reporters they’ve got him all wrong. "You guys just don’t know me," he said gleefully. And the people who do know him? "Know that I’m a little weird, you know? A little crazy," said our Willie. Finally, he said to a reporter: "You should smile more yourself too, man." Hilarious.

What’s also hilarious? Pay close attention to the right side to see Jose Reyes and Lastings Milledge shaking out a victory dance. Adorable.

(Oh, and you don’t need me for the news of the day, do you? Shawn Green, in–Mazel tov! Glavine–in soon. Castro–out. Which of course means DeFelice–in. ****.) (And am I worried about the future of Cliff Floyd now that Green is in? Why yes, yes I am. But I’m still hoping my beloved Cliff will stay around to platoon one more year.)

Picture_107 8_22_beltran_walkoff 8_22_beltran_walkoff_2



  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Wow Zoe! I’m must say that it was selfless of you to give it up, but hey who knew?
    However may this be a lesson learned LOL NEVER turn down an opp to go to a baseball game. I go to whoevers games and even if nothing eventful happens, I went just in case 😉


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