Off to Shea tonight

Zoe_at_shea_copy_1I’ve still got to tell you the story of my reading–I signed at least two books "Go Mets!"–but tonight Rob and I are off to Shea to see the Mets play the Rockies.

Let’s hope (oh please!) their playing isn’t rocky.

But yesterday’s game was certainly fun to watch, with the Carloses banging out RBI after RBI. And how’s our boy John Maine? How can you not love him? Sure he gives up a home run or two, but he’s definitely making a place for himself on this team. Still, it’s hard to get too excited about strong offense against a struggling pitcher. Our team needs to snap out of it!

Okay, I’m off now on a very special shoe mission. There’s a peep-toe espidrille on hold uptown with my name on it (and let’s just say it’s heartily on sale)…





  1. Edward

    This amazes me, but did you know the Rockies lead the NL in pitching? Guess these aren’t your older brother’s Colorado Rockies anymore, huh? But I still got a feeling we’ll smack ’em around. After all…. it’s 1986 reunion weekend! lol

    Good luck w/ your peep-toe espidrilles!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


    Glad your signing went well 😉 Getting reconition from all sides HA HA!

    Hope you get your shoes 🙂

    Don’t we know we need our shoes huh?!

    And Ed you got that right smacked they were! LOL


    The Wrightoholics

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