Please come meet me in person tonight (Tuesday) at the Time Warner Center Borders at 7 PM! It’ll be lots of fun, I promise.

8_15_pedro_copyWow. I literally couldn’t watch last night. And yet the game kept tempting me back like a spurned lover–one who never felt like giving any good news. B*tch.

The big deal isn’t that we got our tushies creamed. The big deal is that Pedro‘s hurt again. He’s in NY now being evaluated, and I’m at the tip of my seat waiting to hear.

Pelfrey‘s already on the DL. (Not sure how long he’s been there already.) So who’s going to step in if we (likely) need another pitcher? Can we rely on Bannister, who’s been inconsistent in rehab starts? Sure, in the short term. I’m thinking not so much in the longer term.

And, more crucially, Pedro–will you be healthy post-season? Because last night was devastating to watch. We won’t have room for that anywhere in October.

Introduce yourself tonight! I’m very nice and don’t bite.




One comment

  1. Edward

    Keep your fingers crossed Petey is back to normal come October! In the meantime, with Pelfrey out, maybe Banny is due another shot. Oliver Perez (the dude we got back in the Nady trade) just had a good game in Norfolk, so he’s an option. We shall see.

    Good luck tonight!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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