These Are The People In Your Blogosphere: A trip to

Picture_1022_1Of course I have to blog about the experience of talking about this blog. And then I’ll go tell someone about blogging about talking about the blog. Because I’m postmodern like that. I may have to break the story into two entries. See that? This writer loves a good cliffhanger.

What a fun Friday night I had. It started at home, styling my hair and watching the first game in the series against the Nationals. Despite my Jasper’s best efforts at cheering "Let’s Go Meow-ets!", when I left my apartment, we were down one run in the 8th or so. The taxi cab zoomed me directly across town to the Chelsea Market, home of the offices and studios.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but wanna know what I learned Friday night? headquarters used to be the Nabisco factory. Your internet baseball coverage is coming straight from the building where the Oreo was invented! But I can tell you from experience that the inside does not "taste just like an Oreo."

Picture_1012Savvy MLBlogs readers may remember Pete McCarthy from MLBlogosphere’s clip from the All-Star game FanFest. He is? Adorable. And also the host of MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights." The (I think) producer Chris, a lovely guy, ushered me into one of the radio studios to meet and talk to Adorable Pete, who was reading this very blog as we spoke (see above picture). A Mets fan himself, Pete had the post-show on a TV in front of us, and I realized we lost the game after all. But losing when you’re still 13 games ahead is really not so bad. Ah, I love our team.

I mentioned to Adorable Pete that I enjoyed the All-Star Fanfest clip when he raced a kid and let him win. Pete’s (hilariously sincere) response was: "Yeah, that kid was fast."

Adorable Pete seems to think that most female Mets fans have been drawn to the team by the sheer power of David Wright’s charisma. And while he knew my fandom pre-dated #5’s arrival, we did spend a few minutes discussing the intricacies of D-Wright’s facial hair. I’m sure it was fascinating stuff for Petey.

Picture_1031 But guess what!? Before my interview even started, I got a real treat! Our own Mark Newman, Chief of the Blogosphere, MLBlogger of all MLBloggers, stopped on by the studio to whisk me off on a tour of the offices. (By the way–see my Mets wristband in this pic of me and Mark? I’m rarely without it!)

Wow. The forces behind are huger than I’d ever imagined! First, imagine a sea of bobbleheads gracing cubicle after cubicle after cubicle. At 10:05 PM, the "bullpen" was full with staffers in two rows watching baseball coverage and reporting live straight at you. I realized that whoever covers West Coast teams must be there into the weest of hours!

Mark finished my whirlwind tour by showing me a picture of his own little slugger–his son, who sure looks handy with a bat. So thanks to Mark for taking the time to make me feel extra welcome. A good guy indeed. Show him the love by commenting at the MLBlogosphere!

Here’s where I’ll leave you until next time, tomorrow, when I’ll finish the story with the actual interview. I didn’t quite realize until I was at the studio that the radio interview was also going to be filmed. On camera. To be released for people to see. I already felt self-conscious clomping around the quiet offices in my loud high heels and entering Guy Land in a rather…erm…form fitting dress.

But my dress had Very Important Partying to do later, as you can see here. (The hot blonde is the birthday girl.) Until tomorrow!





    Thanks for visiting the center of the digial baseball universe! That’s right, the Oreo cookie helped make it all possible…and Food Network shares the building with us and Emeril tapes his shows downstairs…Lovers of baseball and food would love our building!

    Looking for other folks who want to be MLBlogger of the Week for upcoming Fridays…anyone interested can email



    ps, tell Rob to come along next time and good luck with the book reading/signing Tuesday at Time Warner Center Borders!

  3. john

    Hey Zoe,
    Awesome mlb radio performance, I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. I also want to thank you for the shout out on there and the spehorids column. I owe you. I will now buy your book and make it up to you. Even though i usually dont read women’s book’s i figured i can give it a shot.

    As for the Mets, we can breeze through September with auditons for the postseason so dont worry about any losses and if their lead gets under 7, Then ill worry.



  4. Edward

    Hey Zoe…
    What do you make of the Shawn Green rumors? Think there’s room for another outfielder for the stretch run? I can’t see him taking Cliff’s place when he gets back… but he’d probably take Milledge’s playing time the rest of the way.

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


    Nice interview girl! Check out if you can get a radio show yourself – women’s view on the game.. sounds nice huh?

    You just took what sounds like the coolest tour ever. I would be one of those like Mark said … food and baseball! (I have to admit that my fascination with baseball came after I discovered the food @ the parks – not the healthiest but still good!)

    Nice Work! 🙂


  6. James

    Very nice interview. Liked your uniform, and you even tugged at it like a MLB player. I watched your interview with “Sarah” my National League cat-“Suki is my American League Cat” — we three enjoyed your comments. I am reading your book to Sarah and Suki-they laugh and clap their paws all the time. Please have it translated into Japanese -my American Leaguge guy “ICHIRO” is dragging and needs a pick-me-up and I think some laughs will help him. Zoe, ya gotta do something with “Lastings” hair – its not sponge-worthy nor is it “WORLD SERIES” worthy. Reyes is my Mets guy….

    Acrosome or Jimmy B – the slowest rightfielder in the history of High School Baseball

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