We Like Mike

Piazza_2 Wowy wow wow. The fans showed such unbelievable love to Mike Piazza last night, and it was great to be there at Shea. Photos to come! Cameron_1(We fans gave less–but still noticeable and affectionate–love to Mike Cameron too.) 

Here’s a brief preview of what you might see when I upload the pics:

Look, a Mike Piazza tribute video. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza’s walking on the field. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza’s at bat. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza struck out. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza’s at bat again. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza got a hit. GO CRAZY! Mike Piazza’s at bat again. GO CRAZY! Oh, wait, look, there he is again. GO CRAZY! Perhaps this is the last time we’ll see Mike Piazza this game? GO CRAZY!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch on film Mike Piazza shaking his flowing mane of hair after lifting his cap twice to the screaming fans. But boy, is his mane flowy.

And topping off a beautiful night, with all the pleasant breezes, and the standing ovations, and the David Wright hits, and Carlos Beltran doubles–we won! Yay!



One comment

  1. Edward

    What a night for Mike last night. I almost forgot what Piazza launching one into the Shea night looked like! His blasts are always awe-inspiring.

    Speaking of Met catchers… I really cannot stomach what the media is doing to Lo Duca right now. The guy is the heart and soul of our team… It’s not like he’s done anything illegal. This really isn’t right!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


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