Short one

Picture_0251_3(To start: Rob is not wearing a Philies jersey in this pic, but a minor league jersey from a team near his college town.) (He did not enjoy when I ribbed him for wearing Phillies colors at the Mets-Phils game.)

Oh, I’ve been so very busy lately, but I got to enjoy the game Saturday, the win against the Phils, and I’m off tomorrow (Tuesday) evening to see them (hopefully) clobber the Padres. So far this season, I’ve now been to Shea for 14 wins and 4 losses.

I’ve got photos from the weekend to crop and download, and no doubt I’ll have more tomorrow night.

But in the meantime, we can bask in at least SIX MORE YEARS OF DAVID WRIGHT! Yahooooo! Also, let’s enjoy the really fun win last night, including super stuff from our young’un Johnny Maine and a Metstastic 7-run 4th inning and Valentin solo homer. Fun, fun, fun. 

But Cliffffffff. My darling Cliffffffff. Please stay healthy and don’t miss any more games due to injury!! His sore Achilles has got me a bit concerned…





  1. Edward

    I read in the Star Ledger this week that Cliffy’s thinking about retiring if the Mets win the World Series. The big guy’s awfully banged up and I’m afraid that Achilles probably isn’t ever going to get any better. He’s done a good job in his time here. That would be one heck of a way to call it a career though. What do ya think?
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

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