Get the kinks out now, Billy!

8_1_wagnerThe game against the Marlins was looking pretty good last night, until Billy Wagner gave up a 2-RBI walk off homer almost as soon as he got on the mound in the 9th. But you know what? As long as he does that when we’re nine million games ahead and NOT in the post-season, I can deal.

8_1_pelfreyAnother uneven start from Mike "Mouth Guard Chewer" Pelfrey confirms what even he said after his last outing–he needs some work on his secondary pitches. But he really only had 1 bad inning. Plus, he got out of a bases loaded situation in the bottom of the 6th, after a visit to the mound from Willie Randolph. "This is what you can do when you’re 14 games ahead," said Rob, as we watched Willie leave the kid in to see what he could do. Good job there, Mikey!

8_1_reyes_solo_homerJose Reyes continues to heat up after a brief cool down. His 7th inning solo home run (10th of the season) gave the Mets what looked to be a probable game-winning lead. Um, oh well.

8_1_beltran_homerBut the hottest of the hot, Carlos Beltran, continues to set away games on fire! His 33rd home run of the season in the 3rd inning scored Reyes and Lo Duca (who’s also feverishly hot of late!) to give Beltran his 96th RBI of the year.

Ouch, I burned myself!

I’m trying very hard to like Lastings Milledge. But oy, the attitude on this kid! After losing a ball in the sun (not the lights, as was thought by the commentators), Milledge walked away from Willie Randolph in the dugout, so Willie had to chase him to finish asking what happened. Willie didn’t look pleased. The post-show tried to make this into a big thing, which I don’t think it is, but still, Lastings. Show a tad of humility. Let us like you. Also, listen to every single word Cliff Floyd tells you and follow his expert advice.

SNY commentator quip of the night from Gary Cohen, brought to you by Lectric Shave Just For Men Bald Guyz Barbados Spotlight: "You never want to undress your catcher."

I’ve got a cool announcement coming soon about an event where you can meet one of your favorite 1986 Mets! So stay tuned!






    I was there front and center, @ the third base side of course. It was not pretty. After this ladies, who were as drunk as can be, tried to scream with their almost gone voices and we started shooting them down with our Mets chants, we were the ones with the walk of shame thanks to Billy (both the pitcher and Billy the Marlin mind you). I will tell you more about the series when they conclude tomorrow and how this was a hectic trip. Fortunaly, it doesn’t happen back to back so today I cheered at the end. Cross your fingers for tomorrow.
    Take care and sorry for any typos is almost 1am after the game and Im super tired.

    Take care girly! I will share some pics when I get home.


  2. Carl

    Endy might be more important to us come playoff time than Lastings. Milledge might have lots of tools, but he lacks any kind of blueprint on how to approach an at bat, let alone a fly ball.

    Carl The Cabbie

    Go Metssssssssssssssssss

  3. Edward

    The Billy-Goat almost struck again last night… but a nice rebound none the less! And so far Aaron’s kicked it up a notch without Sanchez. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Hopefully Pedro gets the best of the D-Train tonight. We owe Dontrelle for that whole Jose Lima thing a month ago lol.

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

  4. Zack

    I’m not concerned about Billy.
    He’ll be fine.

    The team’ll be fine.

    …and Mets fans’ll continue to overreact.

    -The Baseball Collector


    I thikn Heilman needs to get those kinks out as well.. But more importantly, Pedro looked good and my boy Jose got a new contract!!!

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