I don’t really want to talk about it…but.

DuanerNady_1<span style="color: ***************,******,****** news. The Mets prized bull pen has suffered a huge blow, losing Duaner Sanchez for the season.

Trust me. I wish I were kidding.

Some stupid Miami taxi cab ferrying our beloved, talented Duaner got into an accident on Sunday night, necessitating surgery on Duaner Sanchez’s pitching shoulder. I honestly can’t say any more about it because I’m too upset.

Adding to Mets fans’ feelings of loss, we’re forced to say good-bye to Xavier Nady, or X-ie as I’ve liked to call him. In the abstract, I thought about trading him, but only as an alternative to Lastings Milledge. And now that Lastings is sure to come up from the minors, I miss X-ie.

X-Man, you did good for us this year.

In return for Nady, we get Pittsburgh pitchers Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez

ESPN.com has the story here.

If you want to send me pictures of kittens and puppies to cheer me up, that would be nice.

I’m a sad girl.


  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    *sighs* Get out the chocolate ice cream girl. No puppy or kitty will do today… just not today.


  2. rgrunder2002@yahoo.com

    Let’s just wait and see. Duaner might be ok and come back this season. I’m sad to lose Nady, but I think we can still make a run with what we have. Let’s not forget that Royce Ring is pitching very well in Norfolk and will most likely get called up when the rosters expand.

  3. wolffman98@aol.com

    don’t worry zoe… i pulled out the alcohol… the news was worth me drinking… really sanchez more than nady… i will miss X, but i trust Endy and Milledge in right field…. Lets hope the bullpen holds up

  4. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    Hey I will try my luck @ BP in Miami once again ! Look out for me I will be where else? Third base line second row!!!!! Hope to get some good pics to share šŸ˜‰
    and yeah I will look out for the cabbie *evil grin*


  5. Jack

    From now on, every Met takes a helicopter. No more cabs.

    But at least Dirty had the sense to have someone call Omar and tell him the night before the deadline instead of waiting til morning. Imagine if we lost Dirty THIS week instead of with 15 hours to go before the trade deadline? We’d be boned.


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