Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Good-bye.

7_30_beltranGlory hallelujah!

When was the last time the Mets swept the Braves in a three-or-more-game series? 1985, mother pluckers! When I asked Rob if he liked his birthday present from the Mets, he replied: "Yeah, I like watching them kill someone and then bury them." And not just any someone. The Braves! Can you say FIFTEEN games ahead of them!? Oh the joy is good, the joy is good.

Okay. We’ll get this over with right from the start–our Tommy Glavine was off, as he’s continued to be his last few starts. He’d be the first to tell you so. But with our boys beating out NINETEEN hits, he could afford to have a bad day.  Honestly, when Reyes gets that 1st inning lead off hit, the game just goes our way. We need you, Rey. And it’s good to have you back going stronger.

But today really belonged to the Carloses. After getting plunked in the knee yesterday, Carlos Delgado came back in the line up and started the day with a 2 RBI homer! That brought the Mets to 92 first inning runs for the season. (By the way–I just made a typo and accidentally typed "funs" instead of "runs." But that’s what the **** a Mets first inning run is, isn’t it? It’s a fun.) Add in a rare misplay by Andruw "Can’t Spell My Own Name" Jones, and Wright rounded the bases on Nady’s pop up to give us a 3-0 cushion right from the start.

Then, in the 2nd, Carlos Beltran followed base hits from Glavine and Reyes and a walk from Lo Duca with his third grand-slam in one month (which makes CB only the 9th Major League player to ever do so!). When the camera panned to Willie Randolph in the dugout, even he was mouthing "Wow!" Wow indeed, Willie!

We’re 14 games ahead of the Phillies now, as they say farewell to Bobby Abreu who (if you’re living under a rock and don’t know yet) is off to the Yankees.

Braves_no_3Lesson to the Braves: When you go into a series trash talking how you’re going to slam your opponents, the Evil Eye comes and gets you hard. Our boys are in it to win. They won’t accept anything else.

My favorite quote of the day? Gary Cohen’s "This isn’t what Bobby Cox is used to."


Looking ahead, let’s hope for good things from Mike Pelfrey–although it would make the decision between him and John Maine harder, indeed. But to be in a position of choosing between too many good starters is just the problem we need.

My only concern right now is Cliff Floyd’s Achilles heel. He was out of the game today at the last minute with soreness, and I’m desperately wishing an injury doesn’t put a stop to what’s looking to be a fine second half for my #30.

We get a day of rest, fellow fans. Let’s bask a little! (But you know, not too much. KINNAHURA, you nasty Evil Eye!)

And Let’s Go Mets!





    Nice post I aam at the red sox game but it is boring so I am now reading blogs on my labtop.


    *sighs* The sweet sounds and well readings of victory!
    The Braves just got chopped chopped today 🙂



    Hey if you guys make it to the WORLD SERIES you may have to play the red sox and we all know what the red sox did to you guys(the mets)or was it what the mets did to US(the red sox) earlier in the season.I want a mets-sox world series.DOES ANYBODY ELSE? at least for the mets part.

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