Mets say: Happy Birthday, Rob!

7_29_el_duque_copyCan you say 14 games ahead of Atlanta? Because I can! The Braves officially have no chance of winning this series, and I find myself in the rare situation of not really caring if our team loses tomorrow.

Because did you see today’s game? Did you see it!? El Duque ROCKED the Braves like he was Columbus discovering America and telling them, "Sorry, but we’re about to genocide your a*ses out of existence. (Hey, it’s their politically incorrect team name, not mine.)

For his birthday today, Rob wanted nothing more than a devestating loss for the Braves and a killer win for the Mets. Happy Birthday, Rob! How’s 11-3!? It would have been an even better game if errors from Wright and Reyes hadn’t been responsible for those 3 pesky runs (can you picture how sweet an 11-0 shut out would have been!?), but how can we complain?

7_29_endy_beltranSome highlights: Two stunning homers and 5 RBIs for our Road Warrior, Carlos Beltran. Beltran’s now hit 30 home runs this season, tying the franchise record (with Mike Cameron) for a center fielder. Four hits from catchtastic Lo Duca, despite visible grimacing at the pain in his thumb. An amazing outing from El Duque at the exact time he needed to prove his consistency. He retired 17 batters in a row before giving up an insignificant hit in the 8th inning. AND our Duq got his very first career RBIs in the 6th.

By the way–what a Metstastic 6th inning! 7 runs from our special, special boys. Followed by a 7 pitch bottom of the inning for El Duque. How’s them apples?

Moral of the story: I’d say Atlanta needs pitching a helluva lot more than we do.

I hope Delgado’s okay after getting beaned in the knee in the 3rd. But I’d expect to see him back tomorrow, and boy did Julio Franco step up to the challenge.Our bench stayed hot, with excellent production from Franco (including another geezer stolen base!) and "Happy Endy" Chavez (whose two crucial hits–one a triple–earned him 3 RBIs).

Besides the errors, the only thing that could have made the game better was different commentary. Oh, Fox commentators. Among this afternoon’s gems about the Mets: "They’re winning a lot of baseball games. And that’s exactly what you do when you win. You have fun." Really? I thought you drove spikes through your eyes. And then, of course, there was this brilliant wisdom about Steve Trachsel: "He’s a professional pitcher." Hey, I didn’t know that!

Okay, Glavine. The pressure’s off for now. Go out tomorrow, have fun, and…you know…a sweep in their own ballpark would be pretty dang awesome

Physical_karaokeTonight’s activities will feature Rob’s favorite birthday outing: Singing at the top of our lungs. Honest to goodness, if karaoke has "Meet the Mets," Rob will belt it out.





    hey i am in boston right now!never knew it was this boring I am going to 4 red sox games.Anways good post!

  2. Edward

    OK… this is awesome! After 14 seasons, we stormed into Turner Field and treated the Braves like a baby treats a diaper! What about that El Duque?! What a gem. And today we go for the humiliating sweep! That will teach Marcus Giles to keep his mouth shut!
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

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