From If…to How…to Who.

Picture_088I think I speak for all of us when I say: ARRRRGRGGHHHHHH. Come on, boys. The Cubs? You’re struggling against the Cubs?

These past few games, the Mets have not been playing like a #1 team. What a mess our rotation has become. Rick Peterson, with your surprisingly tight little tush–how, how do we fix it?

The question of whether or not we’re trading for pitching doesn’t seem like much of a question anymore. So Omar Minaya…the new question is how are you going to get someone good enough? And who will that be?

And who will we give up?

The "easy" answer seems to be giving up Lastings Milledge for Barry Zito. But is Zito even surely available? And oy, oy, oy, will trading a projected future star within our own division–and in exchange for a rental–come back to bite us hard in the end?

AND…is there any other choice?

7_25_glavineWe needed Pelfrey, Trachsel, and Glavine to follow John Maine‘s lead and pitch their hearts out. But that didn’t happen. And a suddenly sluggish team certainly hasn’t helped either.

Come on, Metsies. Rally. Rally! You are better than this.

Very fun batting practice pitctures coming later!! (Quite possibly during the game…while I might be verrrrry grumpy…)






    I would also love a starting pitcher.. We cant be scoring six and sevens runs and losing… This pitching needs to get better and hopefully putting Pedro back in the mix and really ccreating some competition on the staff will have these guy pitching better…

    Please Mets… win for me today!!

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