Ok, and?

7_24_trachselI don’t feel the need to dwell on last night’s loss, so I’ll give you the blah blah recap:

Blah blah, bad night for Trachsel. Reyes cools as Delgado continues to heat up. Blah blah we came from behind and could have won it, and Beltran could have caught the Jones homer, but blahsy blah things happen.

Despite Rob‘s current state of mind (read impending doom), life goes on, and there’s another game! I can’t wait to cheer on my boys at Shea tonight. I plan to make batting practice too.

Cliff Floyd? Sign something for me please! Because I’m nice! And I might be your biggest fan. No, really. If any player so much as looks at me I’ll be jumping up and down with glee.

7_24_lo_duca_playLet’s end on a positive note, heralding our great defensive catcher–and hot little hitter–Paul Lo Duca. Before this season, we Mets fans weren’t much used to seeing a catcher who could throw a guy out at first like Duc did in the 8th, helping to give Bradford a 1-2-3 inning. Yay Duc!





  1. Zoe

    At this moment, I’m thinking trade. But then, considering the past 2 games, why wouldn’t I be thinking that? Maine has actually been pretty consistently good. This was just the first time the team gave him run support. And we *can’t* count on Pedro to get us a win–remember how long he remained winless this season while the team seemed to take a break when he pitched?

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