Sunday, July 23rd. A loss, alas.

Picture_0161_1A loss that leaves us 12.5 games ahead isn’t too bad. But the next three games will be crucial in padding our lead before we meet the Braves at week’s end.

The weather cooperated, but alas our team did not. The first inning was, as usual, Metstastic, with Picture_0061_1Carlos Delgado‘s 25th home run of the season giving us a 3-run lead. I’m pretty psyched about the photo I captured–because you can actually see the ball zooming towards him!

Mike Pelfrey was off (could it be the new blue mouth guard he’s wearing to combat his TMJ?), and the Mets defense seemed oddly worn out, missing both easy plays and the tough ones we’ve come to expect of them. Add in some truly frustrating Ump calls–hello, Reyes was SO SAFE at first in the 4th!–and a stupid play from Heilman that Willie called "lazy," and there you go.

Incidentally, also in the 4th, Reyes smacked a line drive foul that hit a woman in the stands. She had to be taken away in a wheel chair, and I hope she’s okay.

As we gear up to meet the Cubs again, I’ll end with only fun stuff. Like this hilarous quote from the NY Times that perfectly captures the mood of our beloved Mets’ clubhouse:

"Before the game, Xavier Nady and Pedro Martinez tried dressing like Cliff Floyd. Nady wore Floyd’s silver chains, his flat-brimmed Chicago Bulls hat and his old-school Charles Barkley jersey, while Martinez pulled his workout shorts nearly to his knees and took another of Floyd’s necklaces."


Picture_001_2Speaking of Pedro, he’s expected back on Friday against the Braves. Boy have I got my fingers crossed. And SNY? I truly love you. Picture_002 Especially when your mistakes make me giggle. Shall we zoom in? Let’s all hope Padro‘s got his stuff on Friday.

My Zoe-at-Shea winning percentage for the season is now at .813, after 13 wins and 3 losses.

I’ll be back at Shea on Tuesday for a record 3 games in one week!

You can see more pics from Sunday’s game in the photo album.






    More very cool pics, Z. Who’s your Padro?

    FYI, that longball means Delgado now needs just 6 more to reach 400. And here’s a cool Mets stat: one more RBI gives Beltran 80, which will set the record by a Mets centerfielder.

    Make sure you all play Shuffle…my story about it is on the Mets site (and Check out the free trial, and watch what happens if you try to build a team full of Mets!



    Nice catch on that Padro’s… That made me laugh while i am sitting here at work…

    I think Pelfry will be sent down when Pedro gets activated, but I like what I have seen so far and loo forward to watching him for many years.

  3. evan

    Hi, Zoe;
    I was at that game Sunday where Heilman had the brain freeze of the century. I was sitting in the upper deck on the 1st base side. Did you see me? I took pictures too. Hope to post them soon.

    Thanks for your link; I put a plug for your site in my new article “Now the Good News…Pedro’s Not Dead!”

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