Our Maine Man!!

7_21_maine_willieRain, rain, go away. Mets must slaughter the ‘Stros at Shea!

Last night’s game was a doozy! Where to begin!? Oh, right. Batting practice. Yeah, ok, so I knew it was supposed to rain, but I’m such an optimist. Surely the rain would stop in time for me to see my first batting practice!

Here are some pics from batting practice. Meaning, shopping, posing with inanimate Mets heroes and, Picture_0191_6 for Rob, peeing on video games. (Just kidding!) Picture_0011_2

Picture_005_1 Finally the game started at 8PM with–wait–that’s not El Duque. Nope. It’s Maine! Willie decided to put him in instead. Picture_0111 Don’t we all wish we could hug Willie Randolph? When Rob saw John Maine walking with Rick Peterson from the bullpen, he exhaled, "Come on, Maine. Pitch the game of your life."

John Maine? Thanks for listening!!

Picture_0301_1 The air was thick with fog, making photos fuzzy. But the excitement started in the second inning when we couldn’t believe that David Wright was safe at 2nd on an error (despite Phil Garner’s arguing), with Floyd at first.Picture_0311 Valentin stepped to the plate and–as he’s been able to do in a clutch–sent the ball soaring for a screamworthy grand slam! We wouldn’t be giving up that lead, with an excellent double from Lo Duca that would turn into an RBI for Delgado on a sac fly still to come. Picture_0391And then, in a Carlostastic inning, Delgado knocked out a 2 RBI homer for him and Beltran! The smoke from the fireworks hung in the air for minutes, making the whole thing look like a fairy tale.

Picture_0331 And how ’bout that DEFENSE?! The team owed Maine a win. But they gave him a shut-out! Starting around the 6th inning, I kept nudging Rob and saying "Hey, look at that pitch count!" Maine would keep it tight for most of the game, lasting 9 innings, giving  up only 4 hits and 1 walk, and ending with a pitch count of 98. You go, kid!! 7_21_lo_duca_out 

The rookie got into a bit of trouble in the 8th, but on what would have been a sacrifice fly, Lo Duca managed to block the plate and tag the runner out at home! We couldn’t believe it! A great play from Duc.

7_21_floyd_defense And how about Cliffy!? Not the best day for my man offensively, but he stole a homer away from the Astros and let Maine keep his scoreless game. We cheered him hard. Cliff also managed to foul a ball off his knee for some drama in the 8th, and to that, I can only say: Oh, Cliff. Just because everyone’s doing it, don’t go hitting yourself.

Meanwhile…Picture_0431_1Hey now! Who knew I’d be rooting for the Philies! They tried to blow their 6-3 lead, but thankfully couldn’t muck it up.

Picture_0491_2 Picture_055_1 Winning fireworks smoke is the prettiest! Can’t leave you without shouting out to Cow-Bell Man and my #30. Check out more fun pics in my latest photo album. It did occur to me that our last complete game shut-out was…Alay Soler’s. Let’s hope that’s just irony, and that Maine will continue to add a much needed boost to the back of our rotation.

Picture_057 Picture_059

Off to Shea again Sunday! And Tuesday! Maybe I don’t bleed blue and orange like David Wright, but I think I probably shvitz it.





  1. john

    Hey Zoe,
    You quite possibly have the best asssortment of pictures. See the problem with me is that my girlfriend will not take pictures of me at the mlb2k6 video game station with the cowbell man. Although her middle name is Shea, She worries me sometimes.

    Yesterday’s game was great although i arrived in the 2ncd inning. I hope Maine can repeat his perforamnce next time out.





  2. Zoe

    Funny! The clearest pictures (Maine/Willie, Cliffy’s jumping catch, Lo Duca’s out) are not mine. It was just too foggy out to get any pics.

    (And Rob sometimes rolls his eyes at me and heaves frustrated sighs, but he takes cute pictures!!)

  3. Edward

    As I type this the X-Factor just parked a 3-run bomb for the lead!!!

    Great pix! And I love the baby booties!!!! (thanx for the shoutout! lol) Little Kathryn will be all decked out in her blue and orange come October, worry you not! lol

    Maine really opened my eyes last night. Considering the garbage that is out there, I’m kinda leaning toward sticking with what we’ve got. Pins and needles is right lol.

    And what a play by Floyd!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


  4. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I’m glad you had fun !!! Great pics !! You gave me some ideas on the must pics I have to take when I go there hopefully next month!!!


  5. Zack

    Wow, seriously, those are some a-Mets-ing photos there. I like the long skinny one from right after the game with all the Mets congratulating each other.

    Sorry you didn’t get any BP, but the season’s young. Plenty more chances to come. I can’t believe that you’ve been to more games than me. I hereby bow down to your Mets fandom.

    -The Baseball Collector


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