What a difference a day makes!

7_20_delgadoAlthough I didn’t get to see the game today, I can imagine what it was like to watch Endy Chavez knock out a 2-away double in the 10th inning to win today’s game against the Reds 4-2. Exciting! Over and over I keep mentioning how good Endy can be when we need him. This season it would have been near impossible to find a better substitute for our outfield.

And how about my man Cliff Floyd and Carlos Delgado each powering out solo home runs? This was Delgado‘s first since June 28th. Let’s hope it puts his mind in a good place so he doesn’t, as Keith Hernandez suggested he should not yesterday, "go home and stick your head in the oven."

Braves_no_1You know what makes me feel okay about last night’s loss? Yeah. The Braves lost too. I know. It seems freakish to be worrying about a team that’s (as of now) still 12 games back. But look at how they’ve been playing lately!

Still, I wouldn’t be worried if we didn’t face them so many dang times before the end of the season. Nine more games against Atlanta! If they continue to bat in the double-digits, the Braves will be a serious wild card threat.

And of course you can’t forget that Mets key word of late: pitching. I love that our guys can get out of tough jams–really tough jams–but should we be getting into so many of them to begin with? Our Tommy boy gave up 9 hits today and walked 4.  Pedro’s expected to pitch a simulated game Saturday, but after so much time off, can we count on him to be sharp as a tack against the Braves at the end of the month?

Ok, you got me. I’m worried about the first of our three remaining series against Atlanta. It’s a mental thing. If we cream the Braves right off the bat, I’ll be beaming like a child with a double scoop ice cream cone. (Or…um…like me with a double scoop ice cream cone.) But if we (oh please no!) take a beating in that first series, I confess I’ll be cranky. Not because I don’t have faith in our boys–but because for the first time all year, we may not be able to sit pretty and just enjoy the ride.

I mean, come on. Before this season, when was the last time Mets fans could just enjoy the ride? So far, it’s been such a blast watching our dear, talented boys. But you KNOW what happens when a team does too well….

Evil_eye_1 That’s right. The Evil *******’ Eye.

So for all our sakes, let’s just shout out a big, fat phoenetic kinnahura.





  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    OK to be worried about the Braves. If they continue their momentum to win the Wild Card, that would be some huge momentum in October. Speaking of Wild Cards, wow, I just noticed that the Twins are just 5 1/2 or so out of the AL Wild Card picture. They have the best 1-2 pitching punch right now in BB and suddenly someone else for Yankee fans to worry about. Long, long, long way to go.



  2. Zoe

    Someone else for Yankee fans to worry about? I think I speak for all of us Mets fans when I write (enter tone of sarcasm here):

    boooo hoooo.

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