Does “Trachsel” mean “Rain”?

Rain_3 They better not reschedule this game, because we need it. And we’re ROCKING it.

Come on. Two more RBIs for David Wright, taking it to 79 for the season, continued hot bats for Lo Duca and Beltran (ouch, I burned myself!), Reyes’s first hit since his pinky boo boo.

GO AWAY RAIN. Trachsel’s doing well with coming back after a delay, but this is some **** of a delay.

While we’re waiting, some gems from the always fun SNY commentators:

Gary Cohen: "Wouldn’t it be delicious if they could just load the bases for Beltran?" Keith Hernandez: "I don’t know if it would be delicious."

How should Delgado deal with his slump, Keith Hernandez? "One thing you don’t want to do is–you don’t wanna go home and stick your head in the oven."

Goatee Watch 2006:


The David Wright goatee alert has been downgraded to a warning. And Carlos Beltran? He’s going baby face!

What do you think, Gary Cohen, is it delicious?

Now let’s finish this second inning, okay RAIN?


Trax is coming back! Wow. Let’s hope we can pick this up where we left off…

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